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MermaOpal™ Bracelet

MermaOpal™ Bracelet

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At the bottom of The Meribbean lies sparkling MermaOpals. They sparkle infinitely, magnify in the sunlight, and create the most magical energy. 

Each MermaOpal™ is handmade from Top Shelf Holographic, Iridescent, and Kaliediscope Pigments. Quartz, Sea Glass, and Beach Glass are a few of the most popular bases.

Made with infinite love and inspiring energy. 

5 Handmade Opal Like Gemstones. Even the backs are coated in the most luscious Hydrairidescent Sparkle you have ever seen!

Stainless Steel, Hypoallergenic.

Measures 7-8 inches. (Direct message to adjust length) 

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