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Mood Sea Glass™ Ring

Mood Sea Glass™ Ring

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The Jameson Collection

Stainless Steel Plated. Hypoallergenic. Antique Bronze Plated.

Adjustable Sizes 4-10.


Color Changing Action Takes Place Between 60 and 90 Degrees Fahrenheit. 

Double Stone, One Mood Stone, One MermaOpal™.

Please handle with extra love. The sea glass is encapsulated with micro layers of resin. Built for durability and everyday wear, but still a handmade item. Made from Scratch. 

It is not recommended to submerge your Mood Sea Glass™ underwater, but they are water resistant. 

Please Remove Before Hot Tub Adventures. The Mood Paint® does not like extreme heat and it will cause the handmade gems to lose their color changing powers.

Made in The Meribbean, by a Mermacorn. 

Original concept by Miso Mermacorn, LLC. 

Release Date: 7/28/23

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