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Mermacorn™ Jelly Treasure Purse

Mermacorn™ Jelly Treasure Purse

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Remember those cute lil jelly sandals you had as a kid? Now you can have a purse with the same material! 

Sustainable and non-toxic. PVC material is both 100% recyclable and easy to sanitize! 

Flexible, yet incredibly durable for every day wear and tear. Waterproof.

Includes a pack of removable Mermacorn™ stickers for custom Mermacorn™ action! Stickers peel off easily and re-adhere nicely. Fun for all ages! 

Free surprise Mood Sea Glass™ Charm is included. Swivel clasp for easy detachment. 

Top Shelf Acrylic Links™ sold separately. 

Competitor Price- $150.00

Color- Bow Tie Red 

Size- Mini

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