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Mood Sea Glass™ Pendant

Mood Sea Glass™ Pendant

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Collection- Lake Michigan Beach Glass, Amber Brown.

Stainless Steel Pendant with complimentary chain. Stainless Steel Chain measures 19 inches.


Amber/ Brown presents gorgeous Rainbow Aura’s. Every color is possible, except for black. 

Color changes take place between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The back of the pendant is embellished with a color shifting sparkle. Shifts from an olive green to an amethyst in the light.

Charges up in the sunlight and glows bright orange.

All treasures are one of a kind and handmade.

Please handle with extra love. The sea glass is encapsulated with micro layers of resin. Built for durability and everyday wear, but still a handmade item and glass.

Water resistant, do not submerge. Please remove before hot tub adventures.

Made in The Meribbean. 

Original concept by Miso Mermacorn, LLC. 

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