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Mood Sea Glass™ Stud Earrings

Mood Sea Glass™ Stud Earrings

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Collection- Lake Michigan Beach Glass, Amber Brown. 

Material- Stainless Steel Plated Studs.

Amber/ Brown presents gorgeous Rainbow Aura’s. Every color is possible, except for black. Illuminates a golden amber in the sunlight. 

Color changes take place between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. 

All treasures are one of a kind and handmade.

Each Mood Sea Glass™ Stud may vary slightly in shape and size. Every Mood Sea Glass™ Gemstone is unique and special in its own way, just like you.

Please handle with extra love. The sea glass is encapsulated with micro layers of resin. Built for durability and everyday wear, but still a handmade item and glass.

Do not get Mood Sea Glass™ wet.

Made in The Meribbean. 

Original concept by Miso Mermacorn, LLC. 

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